Vortex – Textile yarns

Vortex – Textile yarns is a company created in 2015, based in Vila Nova de Famalicão, dedicated to the commercialization of textile yarns (natural and artificial fibers) in the Portuguese market. The company is made up of a team with over 40 years of experience in this sector and has a vast network of collaborators that allows a significant presence in the Portuguese market.
The company onwns warehouses and transport vehicles, which makes it possible to have a logistical organization capable of responding with quality and speed in the delivery of product to each customer.
Vortex – Fios Têxteis is proud to have several partnerships and contacts with suppliers located in different parts of the world, which allows the selection of the best quality for each article and a permanent availability in stock.

Our yarn. Your success!

our Mission 


We have a wide range of suppliers located in different parts of the world.


We follow all stages of production, transport and reception of the yarn, from our suppliers to our customers.


We have a team and a network of collaborators with over 40 years of experience and knowledge of the textile sector in Portugal.


We have our own warehouse and transportation vehicles, which allows us to offer a quick and quality response to our customers.


Credibility and seriousness are key values in our company, which is why we strive for an attitude of transparency and responsibility in all our commercial activities.


We carefully select our suppliers, in order to offer the best quality and sustainability standards of our yarns.


BCI ID Number : 1006140


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Travessa da Indústria, nº8
4770-076 Cabeçudos, Vila Nova de Famalicão





+351 252 308 410 (national fixed network)

+351 963 896 633 (national mobile network)